Sight Words App – Dev Log 1

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Last year our daughter was just about to start Kindie (Kindergarten here in the land of Aus).. and I thought to myself during my commute to work… wouldn’t it be great if there was a Sight Words app that:


i) Wasn’t ridiculously boring and had an element of fun to keep her wanting to play (i.e. learn)

ii) Could be configured for various sight word groups like Dolch, Fry, etc.. and in the order taught by her teacher/class

iii) For each level she passed… she would get a reward and Certificate… that could be emailed (to Grandparent’s, friends or whoever!… with Parental control), saved or printed

iv) Had an element of surprise during each level, motivating her to want to continue on learning..


The funny thing is that my partner and I did not think it would really take long to create (heck, it is just a Sight Words app right!)… how long could it actually take…. hmmm… maybe a weekend (or maybe a few weekends).


We’ll after a bit of a publishing hiatus….here is a preview as we near the final bend to the App Stores:


The Menu Screen…



Completing different Sight Word levels and Unlocking cute animal characters..



A high level view of all the Animal Friends that have been unlocked..



Feel free to let us know what you think of the look.

Also, any apps we release under the banner of Education will be focused on providing Kid-Friendly learning apps that do not have Ads!

In fact, I created this brand new logo for this particular category of educational apps:


The current plan is to release for Free with limited functionality (or number of levels) and only have 1 In-App purchase to unlock all premium features such as Certificates, Custom Levels (configured by Teacher or Parent), etc.

This way you and your child can see if it helps with Sight Word learning like we have found with our daughter. If you like it, please support us by unlocking the Full Version for the small price (likely $0.99 to $1.99 one time only).

We hope to have it released to Google Play and the Apple App Store soon!!


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